The Carter Family

Here’s a warm and fuzzy post for this freezing January day. It might be sleeting outside now, but it was 70 degrees just a few weeks ago and I was sweating at this shoot for The Carter Family. I used to play soccer against Sarah growing up and it’s crazy to think how long ago that was and how we are all grown up now. She has a sweet husband, Zach, and two beautiful brown-eyed girls to show for it. Olivia is two and Heidi just turned one and started taking her first steps. They were full of giggles as we spent the afternoon goofing off in their back yard. Gotta love those curls and dimples and some sisterly love. You may be out numbered Zach, but if your girls are anything like their mom, they can hang with any boys on the block. Thanks for sharing your sweet family with me!


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